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Welcome to Ålesund and Omegn Taxi.

We provide personnel transport in the municipalities Giske, Sula and Ålesund. Our cars are on the road all day, all year long. The first, closest and available vehicle is on its way to you.

General Information :

Ålesund Taxi runs every week about man thousand trips in the municipalities of Ålesund, Sula and Giske - in sum about 400,000 trips per year, and our cars drive 4 million km

Except the night of Saturday and Sunday over 98% of all trips are taken within 10 minutes - which we regard as normal.
A car may after all be in a different district, and this must be taken into consideration when ordering.

Remember to regard this when you order a taxi....


We have an appropriate average number of cars on the road, according to the time of day.

We have 5 night duty vehicles out on weekdays, increasing at five o'clock in the mourning.
(We also seek to have dedicated taxi's in Sula, and Giske)


In total, Ålesund Taxi currently has about 55 cars in 38 licenses, some of which are maxi taxy / handicap equipped.

Ålesund Taxi AS is an operational and service company which is owned by the taxi owners, affiliated Ålesund and Omegn Taxi.

These subcontractors and Ålesund Taxi AS sells for between 60 and 70 million on an annual basis, and we drive over 4 million safe kilometers in one year.